Some Surprising NLP Secrets

I’m a member of an organisation called EO (Entrepreneur Organisation), formerly known as YEO (Young Entrepreneur Organisation) – I guess it’s not called that anymore because a lot of the young entrepreneurs are getting older. Like many ideas, the name sounded good at the time 🙂

Anyway, every year we have a “Big Bang” event. This year we had ours in the Banyan Tree Desert Resort (which is a really stunning place). We had a Bahraini NLP specialist who gave us a very interesting seminar/presentation. It was really interesting (except for the constant hugging, which was a bit weird). I want to share some highlights that I thought were interesting. Here goes:

  • Most people when they lie they gesture with their left hand. That’s because lying is a creative right-brain activity. The right brain controls the left part of the body, and the left brain controls the right part.
  • NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Basically, it is the “study of success”. NLP proponents claim to be able to cure phobias and other problems in a very short period of time, as apposed to psychiatrists and psychologists who might take months to years to solve problems. NLP is also used by some of the top salespeople around the world.
  • 75% of illnesses can be solved by proper breathing. This means deep breathing and not just shallow chest breathing, which, most people do.
  • By the time a child turn 6 years old he’s heard the word “NO!” 148,000 times!
  • 90% of prisoners were told by their parents that they’d end up in jail. How’s that for self-fullfilling prophecies?
  • There is no relation between a person’s GPA (grade point average) and their success in life. How pertinent! See my last blog post on this topic.
  • Today, in the US 40% of kids are on medication!!
  • By the age of 12, a child has seen 12,000 murders in the media. I really wonder how they measure these things, but I’m sure it must be either true or very close to the truth.
  • 75% of our programming from parents, peers, the media, school etc. is negative!
  • 10 minutes of deep relaxation is equivalent to 10 minutes of sleep. Yes! I finally found a way to sacrifice even more sleep so I can work more! Yippee!
  • The conscious mind processes only 7 (+ or – 2) pieces of information at one time. The subconscious mind can process 2 billion pieces of info at one time!
  • When asked a question, if someone turns their eye right (your right) – either top or middle- it means that they are remembering something. If they turn their eye towards the left – again top or middle – it means they are constructing an image or words in their mind. So if you ask a question about their past for example, and they look to the left, it means they are “creating” a story and most likely lying! Apparently, the FBI are really good at detecting lies this way.
  • One of the principles of NLP is never to judge people.
  • In NLP, there’s no failure, only feedback. It reminds me of something I always teach the younger Zen-Do students. A failure is something you do, not something you are. You’re supposed to make mistakes.
  • Children are born with PP (Pure Potential), and any potential that they lose is due to socialisation/indoctrination from their environment.

I’ve been contemplating taking an NLP course for some time now. And I think yesterday’s seminar has persuaded me to finally attend one. Overall, I would certainly recommend it. I would love to hear feedback from anyone who’s done an NLP course.

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